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Playing it safe. Pill Reports.

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December 31st, 2006

secrets_n_lies @ 03:06 am: HELP NEEDED PLEASE?
Can anyone please help?

Got some pills for NYE and the closest descriptions I can find on pillreports.com warn of either ketamine or dirty dirty acid, causing major fucked up hallucinations and ongoing mental problems.  However, these descriptions differ slightly to the ones we just got. (mainly logo on dirty pills described as 5 point stars not 6)

We definitely do not want to take them if they have K or LSD in them.  Just wondering if anyone (particularly those in AUSTRALIA please) have had these recently and could tell me what you experienced...?

Shape: round, domed to a point on the logo side
Height: (to the highest point) 4mm
Width: 8mm
Colour: Light beige with slight brown flecks
Score: no
Logo: RAISED 6 point star (looks more like a snowflake than a star, star has skinny points)
Texture: medium hard, poorly pressed (ie logo can hardly be seen on some)
Marquis test: inconclusive.  looks brown to me (indicating possible ketamine)

(if you look at the pics on pillreports.com of orange or green stars in the AU/NZ area these look exactly the same but beige)

October 1st, 2006

nathanmocks @ 06:17 pm: Pill ID?
Pill identification? It is orange and has white specs on it but I didn't seem to find any information on pillreports.com...maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough?

EDIT: i found something a little similar: http://www.pillreports.com/index.php?page=display_pill&id=3717

i was wondering if you guys could link me to more reviews of the pill or an exact match? the other side is blank

i just wanted to do as much research as possible about the pill.

February 20th, 2006

clnpoptart @ 03:26 pm: New with report
Hey. New to the group, and wanted to post my report. :-)

Location - Central Coast, California
Name - My friend said they are called orange applejacks. I think they look more like orange macintosh, but whatever.
Shape - round, flat on both sides
Height in mm -
Width in mm -
Color - bright orange, with some speckles of other shades of orange
Score - No score, but there was like, a small "ledge" around the edge of the pill.
Logo - a clearly pressed imprint of an outline of an apple with a bite out of it. Like the Mac logo.
Texture - Not very crumbly, but not rock hard. A little bit of one chipped off in the bag.
Test result - My friend did the test, and I can't remember which was which, but one of the chimal tests went to a dark blue color, and the other went to a dark black color.

These were very good pills! Slow and smooth come up, with an intense but mellow peak that just went on and on. A lot of empathy, intense sensation hightening. Not many eye-shakes with this one. The comedown was also smooth and mellow. We smoked some weed at the end, but not much. These were perfect for a rolling party with a group of friends, though I imagine they would be great pills for a party too. Sometimes I felt like dancing, but most of the time just puddling. Really nice, intense, smooth, mellow pills. Get ahold of these if you get the chance!

December 22nd, 2005

1111110 @ 06:56 pm: rhovane/zoplicone
sleeping pills, i guess...
any fun or just a waste of time?

December 10th, 2005

sulphuricfetus @ 08:17 pm: keep in mind I have done E once and only once but it seemed so obvious as to not post bear with me
Name: Red/Pink Superman
Area: Ottawa Ontario
Color: pinky or red
Logo: The signature chest logo off of Superman
Shape: Round
Rating: 3
Day obtained: September 05
Day consumed: the same day
Duration: 6 hours
-jaw slammed shut
-extreme sweating
-mild euphoria
-useless jittery
-no appetite
-no sleeping
Notes: From all I have read this is a meth pill. There seems to be some of the actual MDMA in it but it is by far overshadowed by the methanphetamines. I theorized the "S"uperman stood for speed. And "He is faster than a speeding bullet". I wanted to try Ecstasy not meth and I was really dissapointed. It was overly unpleasant as I couldn't do anything except try not to grind my teeth to nothing. I also sweat through my shirt, which I never do. I was really jittery and not in a good way. I couldn't touch food nor sleep. I have researched it too and it seems the consensus is that it is a meth pill.
EZ Test Result: I didn't even know that there were self test kits available when I did it, and I regret it extremely
Pill Consumed: oh boy was it ever
Suspected Contents: weak MDMA and tons of Meth I hope my one step into the vowel can help someone. The only upside is that the general feeling of goodwill lasted a long time. But after about 5 hours the downsides really got annoying. Maybe the drug just isn't my thing but if you want MDMA do not get this guy.

Pill Reports

and just for reference
Amphetamine effects
be warned dudes

November 8th, 2005

nexttolastsong @ 05:13 pm: please identify!
This is red/orange tablet with a G looking symbol on one side and the letters "es" on the other. I have no other descriptions because I'm not in possesion of the pills anymore. Here are pictures:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Please help me!

September 29th, 2005

sac_ch3mis7 @ 03:08 pm: Blue Bull
Name: Blue Bull
Area: Sacramento, CA
Logo: Embossed Bull head outline
Colour: Pale Blue
Shape: Round dome
Texture: Smooth
Edges: Beveled edge on underside

Date Obtained: 9.27.05

-Pill tested only. Will post full report later.

Detailed test results below:
[Mandelin] - Dark purple/Black w/smoke
[Marquis] - Dark purple/Black 3 sec
[Mecke] - Dark green>>Blue>>Black
[Robadope] - No change
[Simons] - Dark cobalt blue 2-3 sec

Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no

This report can be found at: http://www.pillreports.com/index.php?page=display_pill&id=624

sac_ch3mis7 @ 02:37 pm: Red XO
Name: Red XO
Area: Sacramento, CA
Logo: Embossed XO
Colour: Pale red w/red flecks
Shape: Round
Edges: Beveled

Day obtained: 9.27.05

-This pill was tested only! Hope to post a full report soon...

I apologize for the poor camera phone pictures, i'm buying a better cam soon.

Detailed test results below:
[Mandelin] - Dark purple/Black w/smoke
[Marquis] - Purple/Black
[Mecke] - Turqoise>>Dark green/Blue>>Black w/smoke
[Robadope] - No color change
[Simons] - Dark Blue - 2 sec

September 19th, 2005

sac_ch3mis7 @ 10:50 pm: Pink Dolphin
Name: Pink Dolphin
Area: Sacramento
Color: Pink w/dark pink/red specks
Logo: Cartoon Dolphin
Shape: Round
Rating: 5

Day obtained: 9.2.05
Day consumed: 9.3.05
Duration: 3-4 hours

-Eye dialation
-Eye wiggles
-Short mood uplift
-Slight body high

-Roll was not intense enough for teeth grinding.
-No problem sleeping afterwards.
-Deffinitely no sign of any kind of methamphetamine.
-Hangover felt for days afterwards.

Update: This is a very "atmospheric" pill. Your roll will vary depending on your settings. If you're in a bad place with bad people, you aren't going to feel a thing. = /

Please only consume this pill in a place where you feel safe with people you trust!

EZ Test Result:
1.[Mecke]-immediate change to dark green/turqoise to immediate black:3 sec.
2.[Simon's]-Blue immediately
3.[Marquis]-Black:3-4 Sec.

Pill Consumed: Yes the pill was eaten
Suspected Contents: Low dose or poor quality MDMA

Pink Dolphin image snagged from Ecstasydata.org

This report can be found at: http://www.pillreports.com/viewpill.php3?sub=4&area=1&id=49097

September 20th, 2005

xdigitalbeautyx @ 01:02 pm: please point me to the right direction if this is irrelivent
but what are the dangers of mixing acid with antidepressents and dexamphetamines, a friend of mine wants me to take him acid tripping but i know hes on meds and am pretty weary on giving him trips because of them
so does anyone have any personal experiences on mixing the two, i suggested that he doesnt take his meds that day but i dont know if itd make alot of different, id really like to make it as safe as possible

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