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Playing it safe. Pill Reports.

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sulphuricfetus @ 08:17 pm: keep in mind I have done E once and only once but it seemed so obvious as to not post bear with me
Name: Red/Pink Superman
Area: Ottawa Ontario
Color: pinky or red
Logo: The signature chest logo off of Superman
Shape: Round
Rating: 3
Day obtained: September 05
Day consumed: the same day
Duration: 6 hours
-jaw slammed shut
-extreme sweating
-mild euphoria
-useless jittery
-no appetite
-no sleeping
Notes: From all I have read this is a meth pill. There seems to be some of the actual MDMA in it but it is by far overshadowed by the methanphetamines. I theorized the "S"uperman stood for speed. And "He is faster than a speeding bullet". I wanted to try Ecstasy not meth and I was really dissapointed. It was overly unpleasant as I couldn't do anything except try not to grind my teeth to nothing. I also sweat through my shirt, which I never do. I was really jittery and not in a good way. I couldn't touch food nor sleep. I have researched it too and it seems the consensus is that it is a meth pill.
EZ Test Result: I didn't even know that there were self test kits available when I did it, and I regret it extremely
Pill Consumed: oh boy was it ever
Suspected Contents: weak MDMA and tons of Meth I hope my one step into the vowel can help someone. The only upside is that the general feeling of goodwill lasted a long time. But after about 5 hours the downsides really got annoying. Maybe the drug just isn't my thing but if you want MDMA do not get this guy.

Pill Reports

and just for reference
Amphetamine effects
be warned dudes


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Date:August 5th, 2006 05:54 am (UTC)
it is normal to have your teeth grind
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